Architecture scale model

Expose Your Business – Showcase Your Projects – Smartly Manage your RFI & Submittal Process – Use our designs of Architectural Element CAD Blocks for your next project

Architects and designers will have access to AP's library containing thousands of proven designs, new materials, lower-cost products and a range of consulting services to create or modify existing designs.

AP’s “Business Center” was designed and developed by Penfact Inc., whose scientists and engineers have, for decades, created advanced manufacturing software for clients such as General Electric, Texas Instruments and the US Department of Energy.

Natural stone entryway

AP provides architects and designers with the resources they need to simplify product selection and design specification. AP’s Products Library allows architects, for the first time, to select architectural elements made from cast or natural stone at the press of a button. Local fabricating shops will quickly reproduce the selected products. Architects will enjoy access to a variety of designs and materials at lower cost and with unparalleled freedom to construct architectural elements.


An affiliation with AP includes a broad range of services specially designed to expose your enterprise to the marketplace, and enhance your business operations. An affiliation with AP’s offers Architects 18 tailored services with additional goods and services available for purchase upon request.

Architects - Affiliate Services:

•  Software for Tracking & Monitoring Design Process & Production

•  Software for Document Tracking & Monitoring RFI & Manage Submittal Process

•  New website showcasing your business on

•  Your own Chat Box

•  AP’s Message Alert System

•  AP’s Shopping Cart & Financial Clearing Center

•  Your own Individual Project Design Library

•  Your Services listed “For Sale” on Nationwide to all GCs

•  AP will maintain and update your new Website

•  AP will host your new and existing websites

•  Job Alert Services and New Project Leads

•  Full access to AP’s Architectural Elements Design Library

•  Full access to AP’s Worldwide Architectural Elements Product Library

•  Full access to AP's Roundtable Communication Promoting Design & Build Projects

•  Full access to AP’s Administrative Services

•  Full access to AP’s Information Desk

•  Monthly Advertising via AP’s Business Center

•  AP grants you the right to redesign AP’s Products

Additional Services:

•  Live Streaming Audiovisual Monitoring System

•  Targeted Advertising Tailored for your Business

•  Design, Branding, and Business Advertising Services

•  Financing Sold Projects

•  CAD Blocks - Reproducible Mold & Design Drawings

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